Farm Bowl

Professional football players
teamed up with farmers to compete in a one of a kind Agricultural Arena.

All in the hopes that together we can inspire the next generation to help feed human progress.

The champion has already been crowned. But relive the glory by checking out the highlights and replay here.

Do you have what it takes for a career in modern agriculture?

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Event Replay

The Challenges

Tractor Tire Change

Anyone got a jack? In this challenge, teams will have to utilize both strength and intelligence as they not only move heavy tractor tires, but successfully change them. Only when they have the tires on and fastened to the proper torque specs, can they advance to the next challenge.

Hay Bale Backup

Problem-solving and teamwork will be key in this challenge. Teams will need to load and stack ten hay bales onto a tractor, then successfully transport them across the field. Sure, you can parallel park, but can you back up these hefty hay bales?

Drone Drop

It's not all about strength on the farm. It will take pure precision and serious skill to fly high-tech drones over a crop field, dropping colored pouches onto the correct targets. Ready, aim, advance!

Milk Pipe Puzzle

There's no use crying over spilt milk…so don’t spill any! The teams will need to first prime the pump and ensure it’s working, then grab the missing pipes to continue the assembly. But watch out, not all pipe pieces fit the same way, so things may get tricky.

Feed Run

It will be a race to the finish line with our final challenge of sheer endurance. The first team to move 500 lbs. of feed across the finish line will be crowned Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl Champions.

What Will It Take To Win

Meet The Teams

Soy Bean Farm

Our Mission

The Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl is a fun and unique way to highlight the significant role of farmers and to help inspire the next generation to consider a career in modern agriculture.

Land O’Lakes, Inc. is proud to be a farmer-owned food and agricultural cooperative for nearly 100 years. We began with a mission to find markets for and add value to our farmers’ milk. We’ve built farm-to-fork businesses, touching everything from animal feed to crop inputs to dairy foods, to power farmers and their tireless work. Through it all, we’ve never forgotten our humble, rural roots: from farm fields across the country to ag co-ops in the heart of the Midwest, we celebrate farmers’ role in feeding the world’s population.

Land O' Lakes inc + GenYOUth

To truly inspire the next generation, Land O’Lakes teamed with GENYOUth and its programs to bring kids of all backgrounds from across America out to a farm, and bring awareness to the high-tech, entrepreneurial industry of modern agriculture.

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inspiring the next generation at Land O'Lakes.

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Land O’Lakes hit the streets to spread the news about the Land O’Lakes Farm Bowl. Love the taste? Get the recipe and a coupon to recreate the experience at home with these great products.

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